Welcome to the New Minor Hockey in Canada!

The 2006 Hockey Canada Annual General Meeting concluded on May 22,2006 in St John's Newfoundland. This conference will set the standard for hockey for future generations. Hockey Canada has decided to implement most of the National Hockey Rule Changes to minor hockey. This now means that all players in Canada at any level will be subject to the same level of enforcement no matter the level of hockey. This may come as shock for many players, coaches and spectators; referees speculated about such rule changes since the beginning of when the "New NHL" commenced play. The new standard of enforcement seeks to reduce obstruction and interference as well as the hooking, holding, and other infractions. The Hockey Canada standard does not include the same delay of game penalties as the NHL. As for the icing; Hockey Canada maintains the "instant icing"(as soon a the puck crosses the goal line the icing is considered complete). Goalies remain unchanged and allowed to play the puck wherever they wish; their equiptment must be reduced to meet new sizing specifications. The goaltender equiptment does not come into affect unitl 2008/2009 season to allow for replacement and alteration to occur. Hopefully the rule changes will foster the growth of better hockey in Canada.


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