And the Battle Continues

The GMHL referee camp is posponed. Tyler Harrison league liason states that the number of officials avaliable to come out was not a large enough showing. Within a couple of days hockey canada releases a press release. At the time this article was written the press release was only avalible through the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s website. This press release essentially states that all officials who referee hockey outside the realm of Hockey Canada can be subject to disbarment, ejection, rejection, and serious repercussion from Hockey Canada. CHN believes that Hockey Canada has opened a can of worms that just may cause a hell of a lot of problems. The way this press release is written it essentially points to the newly form GMHL which is not sanctioned by Hockey Canada. However one could also interpret is as any men’s leagues. I’m still looking for some men’s and summer leagues that are sanctioned. A posting by a member of Moose Management points to black-male. The way this article is written he seems right. Once I read this article, my first reaction was wow Hockey Canada means business, and at this rate I don’t think that Hockey Canada is going to allow the sale of hockey equipment to anybody participating in unsanctioned hockey. Once again the players are caught in the middle.


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