GMHL…Logistical Nightmere?

Canadian Hockey News decided to take a look at the GMHL. So we were snooping around their website which is better than the OPJHL’s and decided to calculate travel distance for the teams. The calculations were assuming that they would meet at their home rink and depart for the visiting rink. According to Mappoint (Microsoft’s Mapping Program)based on the fastest route.

Bradford Rattlers to Toronto Moose-29.2 Miles=36 Minutes
King Wild to Bradford Rattlers-19.8 Miles=30 Minutes
Deseronto (in between Bellville and Kingston) Thunder to Toronto Moose-133.7Miles-2 Hours 21 Minutes
Here is the kicker!!!!
Deseronto Thunder to Nipissing Alouettes-312.7Miles-6 Hours

Do you see the problem? Time is also important. But hey! Gas hasn’t been seen for under a dollar since players played with no helmet.

If you think this match up only happens a couple of times. You’re mistaken! It happens at least 5 diferent times. At no time do the teams play back to back games. At least on one occasion the teams have to make the trek on a Friday.