Don’t forget to tune in to IIHF World U-20 Hockey Championship!

IIHF World U-20 Hockey Championship Schedule

Tuesday, December 26,2006        1:00 PM(ET)/10:00(PT)         SWE – CAN    TSN-1:00 PM(EST)
Wednesday,December 27,2006    1:30 PM(ET)/10:30(PT)         CAN – USA   TSN-1:30 PM(EST)
Friday,December 29,2006            1:00 PM(ET)/10:00(PT)         GER – CAN    TSN-1:00 PM(EST)
Sunday,December31,2006            7:00 AM(ET)/4:00(PT)           CAN – SVK    TSN-7:00 AM(EST)

Happy New Years

Friday January 5,2007                10:00 AM(ET)/7:00(PT)         Bronze      TSN-10:00 AM(EST)
Friday January 5,2007                1:30 PM (ET)/10:30(PT)         Gold          TSN-1:30 PM(EST)


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