Why do your kids play hockey?

Here is a video that every hockey parent and coach should watch!



  1. This was a great video and I wish more coaches felt the same. I coached with the same philosphy and had a great time with the kids. They all learned a lot and even though we came from a very small town, many of the players I coached went on to play Junior, college, WHL or NHL. hockey. They all had a lot of ice time, a lot fun and a love of the game. If more coaches concentrated on that, the game would be growing in leaps and bounds, not fizzling because it isn’t fun anymore.

    You should be a public speaker going around to all minor hockey asscoiations. I will be sharing this video with everyone I know. Maybe it will help spread the word.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Excellent video and should be mandatory for every parent and coach to watch 3x per season.

  3. Wow, all I can say is that Mr. Lucia hit the nail on the head. What a joke going to my boys games are ( one plays Pee Wee House, the other Atom Rep). Wanting my boys to have FUN and having to listen to all the crap that goes on around them (and me in the stands) is enough to make me want to scream. What ever happened to Kids being Kids and playing just because they love the game? To those parents and coaches who are so hard on the kids (and the refs, timekeepers and scorekeepers), I say, get a grip and get a life.

  4. What an excellent presentation on how parents and coaches should behave when enrolling your kids into hockey. I coach seven year olds and if one of my kids does not sign up the following year than I did a horrible job coaching him or her. My 100% focus is on having fun, skill development and making sure the kids are excited to come to the rink. I cannot believe the attitude of the coaches in my association and it made me sick to my stomach just the other day when a team that we played had only a quarter of their team touch the puck. As an opposing coach I honestly felt bad for those kids and their parents. What a great video and I will pass on the word.

  5. Awesome. Where were you….Is there a transcript available.


  6. Thanks for the video. I was one of those “win at all cost” type of youth coaches. Belive it or not, change happened over one practice gone really, really horribly wrong! Hole season we keep pushing little boys to do more, yealling and screaming like King Kong´s.

    Then i remebered this video, i watched several times in a row and it got me thinking. Next game we didnt scream them at all, actually seven year old boys started to do things on their own. They had fun, for the first in a long, long time. All because we didn´t use negative reinforcement at all.

    After the game parents weren´t too happy, they started to scream to me. Why didnt you tell them to play harder, skate harder etc. We did win 7-1. It wasn´t enough.

    Again, i thank mr Lucia for opening my eyes.

    Best regards from Finland.

  7. Great video! Great content! Do have to say kids “do care” if they win or lose. It is our job to make sure they have fun but they do care if they win or lose, especially around age 10. I wish I could have played this video at many games while trying to find a spot to just watch my son play hockey and avoid politics and drama. It’s not easy. This puts it into perspective. Thank you!

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