Toronto Dixie Beehives Coming Back!

In resurrecting the Dixie Beehive name we are bringing back a tradition of hockey excellence and community involvement. The types of players we are looking for are self motivated Student / Athletes that strive to be the best they can be in all areas. As an organization we will do our utmost to provide the staff, environment, resources and contacts to develop and promote our players to the next level, most specifically the NCAA.
Our hockey club will provide the following to our players all located on site at Weston Lions Arena:
– Pro style dressing room
– Hockey specific Gym
– Player treatment room for injuries
– Equipment room fully stocked with skate sharpener, repair equipment, washer and dryer
– Coaches office with video play back system
– Player lounge area complete with Pool table and big screen TV viewing area

Our player related staff includes:

– Experienced on ice coaches
– Dedicated strength and conditioning coach
– Dedicated video coach
– NCAA player promotion director
– Academic advisor

Our players will be supplied the following:

– Players equipment including home and away helmets
– Skate program
– Various types of apparel including T-shirts, Sweat shirts, warm up suit, team jackets

Our team will travel first class on our own luxury coach to the following:

– Away games
– Several NCAA scouted tournaments
– Disneyland and southern Florida immediately following Christmas for Holiday, training and exhibition game in front of NCAA teams at Ft. Myers tournament
– Various team sponsored events

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