OHL Priority Selection 2007

After watching the OHL Cup and the Ontario Under 17 Camp, Canadian Hockey News would like to release its list of its top prospects. Canadian Hockey News attempted to see all the players at the tournament. However we did miss some players. Nevertheless our list is as follows:

  • Ethan Werek-Toronto Marlies
  • Ryan O’Reilly-Toronto Jr. Canadians
  • Zack Kassian-Windsor Jr. Spitfires
  • Matt Duchene-Central Ontario Wolves
  • Michael Fine-Mississauga IceDogs
  • Michael Santini-Mississauga IceDogs
  • Andrew Aggozino-Mississauga IceDogs
  • Taylor Carnevale-Mississauga Rebels
  • Marc Anthony Zanetti-Toronto Marlies
  • Brandon Pirri-Toronto Young Nationals
  • Mitch Lebar-Toronto Young Nationals
  • Taylor Hall-Greater Kingston Predators
  • Casey Cizikas-Mississauga IceDogs

Note: That the players presented here are based on the only the performance of the OHL Cup and GTHL Under 17 camp. We are unable to comment on other events. Although we would have liked to attend our staff was busy at other events.



  1. I see that only Toronto Kids are on the list, obviously Canadian Hockey News does not leave the cnetre of the universe Toronto that is. Trust me on this Toronto is not the only place in Canada.

    Get out and see some of it.

  2. no kidding nice scouting i geuse toronto kids are the only players drafted high to the ohl wonder why?

  3. CHN is based in Toronto, by no means do we think that Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe. Take a look at some notables Wayne Gretzky,Bobby Orr, the list goes on. However we were basing this list on top performers from the OHL Cup and the Toronto U17 Camp. It would be impossible for us to scout every player however we do try our best. This is our list of top performers, agree with it maybe not. You may be right we may have a biased view as we are based in Toronto and that is the hockey that we see most.

  4. Northern Ontario has some very quality hockey players that are going to go pretty high in the draft…
    Marcus Foligno
    Denis Restoule
    Brett Thompson
    Nick Esposto
    Jaime Haines
    Matt Amadio
    Josh Cerasuolo
    Drew MacMillan
    Mickey Sartoretto

  5. taylor beck is the shieeett, ieen him play at the wta cup and he sut pwned, go beck!

  6. well one thing is you all need to learn how to spell. Another thing would be all of these kids are from the gthl the greatest minor hockey league around. I believe that the minor midget Jr Canadians were ranked the best team in the world. I guess this league wouldn’t have the best hockey players then would it

  7. The Minor Midget Canadiens were not ranked as the best team in the world in 2007,they are in 2008. You are very likely confusing them with the current Minor Midget team (then Bantam team) . The Junior Canadiens were not ranked in the Top 10 teams for the 2007 OHL Cup.

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