Canadian Hockey Parents Association the new governing body in Canada!

No Hockey Canada has not allowed for the formation of another governing body of Hockey! It is another rebel league that has popped up recently. It’s current membership sits at one organization, the Oshawa CYO. It has three affiliated members London Red Circle Hockey Club, Barrie Knights, and the Canlan IceSports Summer Hockey Tournaments. This new association CHPA believe they have the formula to make hockey governance in Canada better. Will it work? Maybe, as they say the proof is in the pudding!¬† We can’t comment as the GMHL, which everyone thought was going to fail has been rather successful. There is even talk the GMHL would be the Junior Governing body for the CHPA. The rumour mill is running and anything could happen.

The CHPA lists the following as benefits for membership:

  • You are able to enter a team at any division and level (A,AA,AA)
  • No Residency Restrictions
  • Tournaments that allow visiting teams (from other countries) to participate
  • Membership is free

For more information:



  1. Not going to happen, it will sink

  2. Wow, GREAT idea. Anyone involved in minor hockey know the politics involved and the inability to play where you wan to. There are many situations where the hockey association boards are “pre-selected” and AGM meeting are nothing more than a joke.
    Look around and you see the same people telling you what to do and how to do it. Its frustrating. Did I say its frustrating yet?
    Anything is possible when enough people want to make it work. Hockey is all about competition. So lets compete! i think that if a group of people are unstatisfied they should be able to form an association or a team and play. Kids need to have fun and learn from GOOD coaches. Thats the other problem, COACHING. Many associations award teams to incompetent coaches that the team is stuck with and the players cant go to any other association. I know we just had this happen. This was at a travel level. Im all about options and choices. Isnt that what its all about? The kids? Teaching, supporting, growing and having fun. Free choice and free to play where you want.
    The GMHL wasnt going to make it either, remember? Hockey is all about competition so why not let us ALL compete and have some fun.
    GO CHPA! if all was good in hockey land this governing body would never have started…think about it!
    Frustrated and Unhappyin Southern Ontario..where do I and all my friends sign up?!

  3. yes it would be great to change the rules thus far as my son has been told to quit hockey if he does not want to play for the association. he currently is not alllowed to skate at the association he needs to play at as i am a single mother of tthree children that are all involved in amateur sport and i am a student at the university. as my children do not have a father figure in their lives i need the help of my parents to help my son continue to play and because of the executives within the association say they have a no release policy now. they told me my osn can quit hockey and he is only 11 years old . im awaiting my appeal thus far and will certainly take this to the media as my 11 year old boy has not skated in 2 weeks. is there any help out there.. i am willing to talk. i feel i have no recourse but to take this to a higher level but they say i simply cannot appeal to bcaha becasue i do not like the decision. this is a quality of life issue as far as im concerned and this association is breaching the human rihgts of canada.. the freedom of association. they need to drop their egos and think in terms of the best for the child.. i do not know who they think they are in their petty titles. please respond asap kim in b.c. oh and by the way i am in the right residency apparently both associations share this so put that in the pipe and smoke it ….am i not the govering body of my own child i pay the association they do not pay my son. he is not property of anyone other than myself. and for the comment on it will sink above ..can you expand on that…

  4. Don’t fret, the CPHA has ceased to exist. The website is now blank and for sale.

    Those things sometimes happen when you have a hockey dad or mom who is extremely involved in something and becomes very militant until they either lose interest, find out that no one is listening to them or their kid no longer plays the sport.

    I had my own head-butting sessions with the Valley East Minor Hockey Association and left for a number of years. My son still plays hockey but wanted to play with his friends so we returned. This time, I’m not saying a word and not complaining. I keep in mind that the sport is for my kid’s enjoyment and not mine.

    There’s always someone who thinks they can do it better, this time I’m leaving it up to the elected board members to decide what they figure is best for everyone. I may not agree, but I’m not going to make a spectacle of it.

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