Tie Domi cleared!

The GTHL hands down it ruling in the Tie Domi incident. Although they don’t condone Mr. Domi’s actions, they however note that “banning” Tie Domi from the rinks would be rather harsh. He is a notible face in the hockey community which doesn’t mean that he will recieve a more sever punishment than anyone else.

“In reviewing this situation, the GTHL considered recent situations that resulted in “banning” of parents and spectators from GTHL games. Spectators/parents have been banned from arenas bythe GTHL in only a few instances. Those incidents have involved: harassment and racial slurs directed toward a referee; totally lewd and inappropriate conduct; and physical harm caused to a coach by a parent. While what Mr. Domi did was regrettable, it falls short of the conduct involved in the preceding cases.

The GTHL believes that Mr. Domi should receive no benefit from the fact that he is a familiar figure in the hockey world. By the same token, he should not be treated more harshly because of that – and, given the precedents above, banning him from the GTHL’s arenas would in fact dothat.”

More information available on the GTHL Website


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