Off to College-Class of 2009

The following are a list of confirmed players who will be registering in the NCAA in year of 2009.

Ethan Werek-LW (OHL-PS 9 )
Pat McEachen -RW (OHL-PS 103)
Mike Catenacci-W (OHL-PS 158)
Daniel Erlich-RC (OHL-PS 140)
Matt Duchene-C (OHL-PS 5)
Cam Fowler-LD (OHL-PS 18)

This begins to beg the question if the OHL might be missing the mark when it comes to developing players. If you think about it at the end of an OHL Players career if he doesn’t make it to the NHL he is really left with nothing. Although they say they will educate players, it seems that many of the OHL Players don’t end up attending university. This may be due to the level of time committment required to play in the OHL. This leaves little time for studing and schooling. When an NCAA player’s career end he/she is left with a University Degree. So is the OHL the best place to develop? We want to hear from you fill out the following poll.

The best place to develop is…
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