GMHL really does develop!

Below is a list of players who have been confirmed to play in the NCAA. In addition to this list there are 14 player who will be trying out for major junior teams. They cannot release the names of the 14 players as there is still sanctions imposed by Hockey Canada. Best of luck to all players! It seems the GMHL program is having rather successful results, hopefully there will be discussions with Hockey Canada to remove the sanctions currently imposed on players participating in the GMHL.

Bradford Rattlers

Karl Linden – R.P.I – Div.I

Sebastian Gulder – Elmira College – Div.III

Jiri Zeman – Geneseo University- Div.III

Andreas Goetz – R.P.I – Div.I (2008-2009)

Mike Pinlac – Finlandia University – Div.III

Dmitri Sentsov – Marian College – Div.III

Dave Malicek – Marian College – Div.III

Will Scott – Elmira College – Div.III

Matt Justice – Lake Forest University – Div.III

Christian Reber – R.P.I – Div.I (2009-2010)

Nemanja Jankovic – Sacred Heart University – Div.I (2008-2009)

Martin Jansson – Marian College – Div.III

Adam Palm – R.P.I – Div.I (2008-2009)

Richmond Hill Rams

Alex Wyse – Clarkson University – Div.I

Ryan Pageau – Marian College – Div.III

Bobby San – Marian College – Div.III

Craig Peacock – Marian College – Div.III

Toronto Canada Moose

Todd Collins – Elmira College – Div.III

Jonathan Minard – Marian College – Div.III

Kyle Manduck – Marian College – Div.III

Gianmarco Aiello – Marian College – Div.III

West Nipissing Alouettes

Jake Gilbert – Morrisville St. College – Div.III

Matt Lathem – North Country College – Div.III

Deseronto Thunder

Zack Fray – Marian College – Div.III

Brad Meyers – St.Olaf College – Div.III

Jeff Morris – Morrisville St. College – Div.III

King Wild

Massimo Camin – R.I.T – Div.I




  1. GMHL is pretty brutal but it is good to see that the Bradford Rattlers program is helping these guys get to university. Div III hockey isn’t really great but Div I in the ECAC is a very solid level of hockey (on par with major junior hockey in Canada).

  2. If you look at

    which lists all of the Division 1 commitments, none of those players are on it, with the exception of Wyse, who was a walk-on and didn’t play a single game

  3. Div 1 Hockey sometimes is better than Majopr Jr Hockey Ben T. You have to remember that a lot of players playing Division 1 could of played major junior at 16, 17, 18, 19 but chose to play Tier 2 to go the NCAA route and are a lot of cases 21 year old freshman so if they played a NCAA team would be much older but there is no denying the OHL is the fast track to the pros.

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