Rule Changes for Minor Hockey Could Be on the Way!

Hockey Canada is holding its Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg this weekend. The event is being hosted by Hockey Manitoba. Among the things discussed at the AGM are the rules changes for next season. Some of the rule changes include for next season will include:

  1. No Changes on Icings
  2. Shooting the puck out in the defending zone will be an automatic penalty
  3. In situations where a player is assessed a 5 minute penalty causing his team to be shorthanded and where a coach must designate a player to serve the 5 minute penalty because the offending player has been thrown out of the game
    (e.g. checking from behind (B40 + D or E40). In order to avoid designating a player (having done nothingto justify sending him to the penalty box for 5 minutes) to serve this major penalty which would deprive him of ice time (undeserved), it would be preferable if the coach did not have to designate a player at the beginning of the 5 minute penalty, but rather during the subsequent stoppage of play as is the case in the NHL and maybe in international play. If the coach risks waiting for a whistle to occur during the last minute of a 5 minute major to designate a player, and  no such whistle occurs before the end of the penalty, then the team will be a player short until the next stoppage of play.

We will keep you posted. However these are merely suggestions and must be passed through a committee.


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