The GMHL may lose their first team!

The Greater Metro Hockey League may lose their first team already, after only operating for one year. It has been rumoured on the GMHL Forum that the Deseronto Thunder experienced some financial difficulies last season. Marshall Utretsky stated that “Unfortunately, the Thunder were unable to meet certain financial commitments by this weekend’s deadline to participate in the draft this weekend”. The GMHL is going to be giving the Deseronto Thunder some time to reorginize in an attempt to find the funds to meet the league’s “financial committments”. There will be a meeting June 10,2007 to determine Deseronto’s status as a league member, as well as the status of their players.

It is worth notign that the Deseronto Thunder were not present at the GMHL Draft that took place this past Sunday (May 27,2007).

The Duro Dukes obtained Thunder goalie Mike Madgett, in the 2007/2008 Draft. It doesn’t look good for the Deseronto Thunder. Could this be the end of the GMHL?…Probably Not, you should note that the GMHL has incresed its team membership to include 11 teams, plus Deseronto.

The GMHL released the following memo regarding the status of Deseronto Thunder. 

 The GMHL would like to make an announcement regarding the Deseronto Thunder. The team owner has until June 10th to rectify all financial obligations in order to be part of the 2007-2008 season. As of that date, if the problems have not been resolved then Deseronto will be forced to a one year leave of absence to take care of their situation.  As president of the GMHL I hope Luke Reynolds will be able to come back next season as Deseronto proved to be one of the top teams in our league.  Deseronto’s signed, affiliated, and protected players will all be deemed free agents as of June 11th if the team does not fulfill their financial obligations.

Thank you
Bob Russell
GMHL President



  1. Deseronto is alive and well. The Town has made a great decision and have taken over the team. The Team will not only have better support but it appears as though the general public are 100% behind them. Deseronto have already got a commity in place and have hired a great coach in Matt Barnhart. The team will now be called the Storm, keeping the same colours and almost the same crest. I think it goes to show what a great little hockey town Deseronto is.

  2. New Jr. A team joining the loop next year.

    Derek Bristol is the crappiest player on the team!

  4. bristol aint no joke just wait until hes 18 he will own any leauge u just wait

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