GMHL loses first Team! Deseronto Thunder is no more!

Earlier Canadian Hockey News reported that the Deseronto Thunder of the Greater Metro Hockey League was induring some fiscal hardship. Well, after a board of governors/owners meeting today it was announced that the Deseronto Thunder is unable to meet the leagues financial requirements, as such will not be competing in the 2007/2008 GMHL season. Marshall Utretsky, additionally he want on to discuss the fact that there are parties that are interested in operating in the GMHL next season, however, thinking that there will be an entry in from the Deseronto area is optimistic to say the least.

As a result the league will be operating with 11 teams for the 2007/2008 season, and will be playing a balanced schedule to accomodate for limited travel, the development of rivalries, and increased exposure. The players that were signed by the Deseronto Thunder are now free agents, as the GMHL feels “that is the right thing to do”!

NEW!    There seems to have been further development on the Deseronto Thunder  situation. It seems the city council has stepped in and will be supporting a team in Deseronto, the player remain free agents. The team playing in Deseronto will most likely not be called the Thunder.

  Through conversation with the mayor of Deseronto,the GMHL league president Bob Russell is happy to announce that the town of Deseronto will be back with junior A hockey this year. An agreement has been reached that the town of Deseronto will own and operate the team, but the team will have a different name. All players that played for Deseronto last year are free agents, but the town can still contact them to see if they are willing to return if they haven’t signed with another team in this league. Congratulations Deseronto fans ,great to have you back in the league!


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