Hockey Canada haters hear this!

    Canadian Hockey News would like to take the opportunity to speak out against all the Renegade/Outlaw leagues and sanctioning bodies that have come to fruition over the past couple of years. The latest is the Canadian Hockey Parents Association, who has hired Micheal Croteau to be their Eastern representative for the organization. I guess it has something to do with a fact that he has website that talks about all the “atrocities” that go on in Hockey Canada. (We say atrocities with great sarcasm!).  For exampl,e CPHA wants to make sure that everybody knows that some 7 year old received mail regard him being enrolled in the previous year for a sanctioned league that was leaving Hockey Canada and that he would have to join the a team sanctioned by Hockey Canada to receive the benefits of membership. The parents are outraged that the letter was sent to the child, who is the one actually enrolled in hockey. The Devil’s work if you ask me! (once again said with sarcasm). The parent fires back this e-mail to the OHF executive director.

Next, even better a Team in New Brunswick suspends a player for smoking marijuana, a controlled substance in Canada. As a result of the player being prohibited from playing he commits suicide. Story is unfortunate, however I don’t see how this is the fault of Hockey Canada, or any of its member branches. What if the player was arrested for controlling marijuana, he wouldn’t be able to play hockey. He may have committed suicide in jail.

Another story points out that a girl was made because she wasn’t allowed to dress with her (male) teammates and join in the celebration. She said she was mad that she had to dress in supply rooms. It talks about here being verbally abused by officials and teammates. These actions cannot be condoned, and are inexcusable. I think there is an easy way for her to avoid this whole problem…player girls hockey. Crazy as it may sound there is girls hockey out there! (again some sarcasm)!
As outlandish as the previous stories seem, this one takes the cake! This story was written by a man who goes by the internet alias as JAD. He states that there should be ONE hockey systems where all players play. This means AAA player playing with House League players. Because only AAA players get drafted to the NHL and AA, A, and House League players should have a chance too! This sound like a system out of Russia prior to 1991, ya a “communist system” as he himself calls it. There are reason for division of AAA, AA, A, and House League. Could you imagine a AAA player who can skate like the wind skating against somebody who can skate the lengh of the rink without falling down? It wouldn’t be fair to either players!  The “house league” level player wouldn’t get to touch the puck or score any goals, the AAA player on the other hand wouldn’t be challenged and grow to hate the game. Wait until there is bodycheching…so the AAA player anaialates the house league player because he can’t skate! There would definitely be an exponential increase in injuries. I have to say this idea sounds like it was made by somebody who was NO SMARTER THAN A BRICK! As for why AAA players get drafted to the NHL and other pro level hockey….um..wait…here is comes….They are usually the best players in that age group! For the same reason that better minor midget teams get more players drafted from them in th OHL Draft!

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  1. The real reason why these private leagues exist is usually due to the failings of the local HC centre.

    If you know anything about little hockey players, they ALL want to play for their local HC centre. They would prefer NOT to play in the private leagues as the local HC centres have been villifying them and marginalizing them for decades. Tthere is a stigma that REP hockey in a private league is not “real” REP in a local HC centre (even with 8 year olds). Naturally all of the kids want to play local HC rep.

    Here is a classic scenario in our centre:

    A Child plays HC local centre houseleague and wants to break into REP so he attends tryouts but doesn’t make any of the REP levels (AE/A/AA/AAA). And it has nothing to do with his hockey skill or ability. Some of the problem is that it’s a difficult task to assess a hockey player (when there are 60 other hockey players on the ice) for a 1 hour tryout but also because there may be more good players than the limited local centre resources can accommodate. There are not enough spots on the teams. You can have 2/3 of the 60 kids skating just as good as the others with the only differentiator being the number on their helmet and their last name. The team only needs 5 players for the coming year (most previous year players are already pre-selected).

    What exactly ‘becomes” of the other 35 skaters out there who could easily have made the team (based on their skills) but didn’t due to the lack of spots at the REP level within a particular centre ? Strikes me that the HC local centre has failed to provide a place for these children. And there are a lot of them. The child is now relegated to the HC local centre non-contact houseleague where they will never, ever develop. While hockey schools and power skating are good for development anybody who suggests that a child will not develop better and faster actually playing the game is simply “thick”.

    So the child decides to tryout for an ‘A’ level team in another HC centre. They are very impressed with his abilities and want to sign him. He was simply that much better than all of the other kids on the ice for the tryout that they couldn’t believe that his local centre wouldn’t have him.

    But no. The residency rules stipulate that this child (although he tried out for his local centre and they didn’t want him) CANNOT play in another centre even though he can easily play at the level required. Many centres don’t allow players below AAA to play in any other centre. Even if the kid can play at that level and even if their local centre didn’t want them ! No waiver for you ! I wonder why… hmm…

    So, the child knows that if he is ever going to be selected for REP hockey in his local centre, he absolutely has to be in the local houseleague. That is a given. Especially in our centre. Very political. So the child would like to play in a “private” (not OUTLAW !) league at a much higher calibre (with body checking) than the local HC houseleague but also knows he must stay in the local HC system.

    The players in the private leagues are from the AE/Select through AA level and they didn’t make their local centre REP for the same reasons (not enough room at the Inn).

    But no. Now Hockey Canada has to threaten and bully these children. They don’t provide an adequate product (and they could) so they threaten to blackball the kids. Like I said, HC knows (and even the 8 years olds already know) that if you are not in the local HC system, then the statistically probability of getting selected for REP in that centre is almost ZERO. HC also knows that many parents will not want to jeopardize their child’s chance of success at the REP levels in the local HC centre so they will be intimidated into dropping out of the private leagues. This is arm-twisting at it’s worst. Sort of makes me want to vomit actually.

    What exactly are all of these children to do ? There’s not just 2 or 3 of them, there are dozens and perhaps hundreds in many centres, thousands country wide, at every level that have this problem. This is when the private developmental leagues fill the void.

    Hockey Canada is clearly broken and must be fixed. Fix the problem and the private leagues won’t be as much of a concern anymore. Don’t strongarm local arenas, parents and little kids because of their own (HCs) inadequacies.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that if you buy a car from me, you can’t go across the street and buy a car from a dealer across the street. I believe Intel and Microsoft have both tried this and well…. they both lost their legal battles and were heavily fined.

    This sort of business tactic is illegal in Canada and should be subject to governmental/legal scrutiny. Certainly the simplest of minds should see this.

    Hockey Canada should retract this policy immediately and come up with kindler, gentler approach that doesn’t impact the children in any way.

  2. Seems to me that the writer of this article “Hockey Canada haters hear this” has little experience with (under 16) minor hockey or has a vested interest in supporting Hockey Canada rather than supporting the game of hoceky.. Conversely, the commenter (Mr. Ester – love that name) seems to speak from experience.

    It’s also painfully obvious that the writer of this article has used some pretty extreme examples and is not providing a balanced view of the private leagues. The author also ties in the rantings of a man who thinks that there should be one hockey system with the existence of private leagues. These are two mutually exclusive concepts are utterly unrelated.

    The author does not take into account the many failings of Hockey Canada. Particularly in the local centres where who you know is as important as how a kid plays. If the coach has heard bad things about a parent, whether real or imagined, sometimes that kid will not make the cut. If you don’t play bridge with the coach’s wife or are generally not socializing with the hockey rep crowd, your kid may not make it on the team. If your kid is not head and shoulders above the existing players, you won’t make it. Even if you are equal. Certainly that means that there are lots of gifted hockey players who will not go on to develop because of the silly rules set up by Hockey Canada. We’d all like to believe that everything is fair and equitable in rep hockey player selection but the reality is quite different. Theoretically, the system should work, but doesn’t, so I think it’s time for some changes. Good changes.

    I’ve seen first hand some of these so called outlaw leagues and the players are not only good, they are REALLY good. Maybe if Hockey Canada expanded their existing rep programs it would better suit all of the kids and the game of hockey a little better ? Or just leave the status quo… Let the kids develop in private leagues as well as Hockey Canada sanctioned leagues. Or perhaps change their stance a little and have the punishment only apply to 18 and older ? Don’t pick on little kids. That just seems like bullying to me.

    So what exacty is Hockey Canada really upset about ? Sounds like they are saying that if they don’t get their way, they will take their puck and go home. We teach our kids not to be this petty. What sort of example are they setting ?

    I think that Hockey Canada made a mistake when they issued the Outlaw league bulletin. Now would be a good time to retract it.

    • I think the very fact that we allow people to comment on our articles with very little if any moderation. If you would like to submit an article regarding a failing in Hockey Canada, Canadian Hockey News would be more than happy to post about it. Contact Us at canadianhockeynews[at]

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