The Canadian Development Model might be on its way out!

Back in 2005 Hockey Canada and its member branches passed a policy to unify and standardize the development of players. The policy didn’t come without criticism, many comment on its need to keep players in the minor hockey system, when they are prepared to play at a higher level. Many would consider the CDM a failure in Ontario, however it seems to be working in other parts of the country. In Ontario, it has allowed for the creation of the niche market for the unsanctioned rebel leagues that promise development and junior hockey without Hockey Canada and its CDM.

Nevertheless the CDM is in its last year in the agreement. At the end of the 2006/2007 season it will be reviewed, the members can chose to keep the model, modify it, or ultimately scrap it. The feeling is that the OHF (Hockey Canada’s largest branch) is going to move to have the CDM scraped as it has a large Junior A league which makes it difficult to have a sustainable Midget AAA leagues.

The OHA has created a committee to analyse the impact of the CDM , as well as its usefulness. This should make an interesting discussion for the 2008 Annual General Meeting certainly something to keep in mind.


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