Parents Shouldn’t be the Push

Parents in Canada take sports way too seriously some times. Its great to see the excitement and adjulation that they have however sometimes they should step back and look at what they are doing. When you enrol your child in sports you should not really have any goals for them! Yes…YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY GOALS FOR THEM! You should simply be happy knowing that they enjoy playing the game and are getting good exercise from it. The players should establish their own goals. You can feel free to inform them of such opportunities but they should do this on their own. Now does that mean you sit back and do nothing and let things fall into place, certainly not. If you want to be part of their hockey development you should encourage them, tell them where you believe they can improve their game. However, it is up to them if they want to improve their game. Thinking that hockey is their ticket to education or a career is crazy. If players play hockey for the love of the game they will develop a HUNGER to be better. As a parent you want to see your child succeed but you also want him to love what he is doing. As any player in the NHL if they play the game for the money. You probable would get maybe 1% that does the other 99% play for the love of it.Play the game for the love of it and everything else will fall into place. Take for example Alexandre Daigle who was selected number one in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft. On an interview with Radio Canada he stated that he never really like hockey, he played because of his talent. He played a couple season in the NHL and never really accomplished much for a first overall draft pick.

To quote one coach in minor hockey;

“Parents should be the support not the push in a player’s life”


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