What hockey invented by African Americans?



  1. hmm, that headline’s a little misleading, don’t you think? No where in the episode do the Fostys or ESPN claim the game was invented by African-Americans. Specifically, they make three points:
    1. it is untrue that people of African heritage (American or Canadian) are new to the sport of ice hockey.
    2. it is a common misconception that they are in any way unfit or ill-suited for the game
    3. many modern advances in the game such as the slap-shot and athletic goal-tending were in fact pioneered by people of African heritage (Canadian sons and grandsons of former American slaves). Geoffrion certainly popularized the slap-shot, however, the Fosty’s point is that there are historical (newspaper accounts) of it being performed long before Boom Boom’s time.

    No, African-Americans did not invent invent hockey, nor were they entire absent from its development as traditionalists have long maintained. One of my favorite quotes by Fosty is completely unrelated to race, however equally controversial, “Canada didn’t invent ice hockey – ice hockey invented Canada.” If you really want to know the full history of the game (rather than one or two groups’ contributions, you should check out their book, Splendid is the Sun: The 5000 Year History of Hockey. (http://www.splendidisthesun.com)

    • Nice commentary. No racial insults , just facts

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