Yesterdays champs could be tomorrows Chumps!

The Joe Maire Minor Midget Invitational serves as a wake up call for some teams. Namely the Junior Canadiens who had a less than impressive performance at the tournament. They lost to the Toronto Marlies in the quarterfinals. They nearly lost to the Reps in the round robin, and approached every game with a lack of intensity.

Our staff stayed and evaluated players and really was disappointed with the overall intensity and quality of play of the players. For a year with such great expectations, after a year that some deemed a “weak [OHL]draft year”, it certainly didn’t show. There was however your player who stood out, here is a short list of those who our evaluation staff felt stood above the rest;(in no particular order)

  1. Nathan Chiarlitti
  2. Tyler Seguin
  3. Tyler Toffoli
  4. Jason Kelly
  5. Cody McNaughton
  6. Kyle Camilleri
  7. Freddie Hamilton
  8. Alex Aleardi


  1. Highlights posted at

  2. Waited all year to reply to this headline statement…Win or lose these potential “Champs to Chumps” bunch are GTHL City CHAMPS 2007/2008…..Today they play in the OHL CUP FINAL against the Marlies
    .Both Teams are Championship teams and it should prove to be a great Final which will be broadcast live on Rogers TV.

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