40:00 for EMERGENCY Medical Services?

It really begs the question what the City of Toronto (the administrator of EMS services) defines as an emergency doesn’t it? A young 9 year old was injured at a hockey game, the injury required the assistance of EMS. EMS was called, after the call was made the player was left on the ice waiting for EMS for 40 minutes.  Canadian Hockey News decided to contact the Toronto EMS to learn about their operating procedures, they were quite helpful. The told us the reason for the long wait was attributed to a couple of issues. They state that the wait was infact too long, however they stated their really was nothing they could do.  The issues were outlined as follows:

  • Calls are given a priority sequence based on the imminent danger the person is in.
  • EMS are specialized. This means that certain units are specialized for certain injuries. (e.g. Cardiac Care, Spinal Injuries, Tactical Paramedics and etc.  )
  • EMS finds them selves incredibly busy on weekends, as there are a lot of calls.

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  1. Sure the EMS too a long time, but what about the performanc of the team’s trainer? One of the first thing that a trainer is taught is not to move a player with a potential head/neck injury, yet this guy grabbed the kid’s facemask so that he could move the boy’s face so that he could hear them !! But I guess we should be un in arms about the performance of EMS and ignore what the trainer did.

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