Beating a Kid with a Stick…doesn’t prove to be good motivation!

Coach Brian Tracey of the Minor Midget AAA Don Mills Flyers was charged with 3 counts of assault with a weapon. Apparently, he struck two kids with a stick, apparently after he was told to leave the room (after striking the original two kids) he struck a third player with a helmet. He has been removed as coach of the Don Mills Flyers and as a condition of his bail (as he was release today) he was told not to contact any hockey associations.

This certainly is a shame, and doesn’t speak true of most (almost all) of the people involved in minor hockey. His son who also played on the team was not seen at the team’s most recent games. John Gardner of the GTHL states that the Organization (Don Mills Flyers) acted quickly and correctly, additionally the GTHL is going uphold any decision made by the courts (e.g. prohibition from coaching).


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  1. I was just wondering if there is any update as to what the final outcome is for the Coach. Did he end up doing jail time? I hope so because he was in a position of trust and he betrayed his own players. He obviously has a lack of self control that he needs to deal with jail time or not!!

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