Oh the lies!

Unless you completely detached yourself from society today, you probably heard the Roger Clemens (7 time Cy Young award winner, 1986 League MVP,  and 11 time all-star player among other accolades) was brought before the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  Although Clemens continued to deny his use of steroids, it became more apparent as the hearing continued that he was trying to hide something. There were  times where the sequence of events was illogical. Even a person whom Clemens trusted,Andy Pettitte states that Clemens had used steroids.At the end of the hearing Chairman, Henry Waxman (Republican) stated that he fact of the hearing are the Clemens has offered no physical  and no substantial evidence to dispute McNamee’s allegations. Roger Clemens’ defense seems to have been to drag McNamee’s name through the mud, and ruin his reputation.   Here are some highlights:





 You can make your own decisions as to Clemen’s guilt, however one thing remains important, the use of steroids and performance enhancing substances is detrimental. Young children and athletes of all ages should NEVER use steroids. Primarily because they not only pose a serious medical risk to yourself. They also are immoral, why should you get an edge that nobody else is getting? It also brings down the reputation of the league and the sports. 



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