March 9/08-Sault Ste. Marie at Sarnia

This probably won’t mean much for anybody but this game will mark the end of the neckguardless OHL. The OHL recently announced that their players were going to be forced to wear neckguards as a result of a meeting where the issue was voted on. The neckguard debate was sparked by the Richard Zednik incident (which can be seen below).

In response to the news OHL players on facebook have been communicating their discontentment with the change in OHL’s equipment policy. This change makes an odd situation arise. Currently the requirement for wearing neckguards is as follows (if you live in Ontario):

NHL-not required
Major Junior-required
Teir II Junior A-not required
Junior B-not required
Junior C-not required
Junior D-not required
Development-not required
Minor Hockey (Houseleague,Rep, A,AA,AAA)-required

This move by the Ontario Hockey League will contribute to increased player safety, however the move sparks infuriation with the players in the league. The players are angered by the fact that they were not consulted with. Many are advocating playing other leagues. The OHL advertises the best of both worlds to all its prospects, however the players feel it is turning into the NCAA, and pretty soon full cages will be mandatory. It is important to note that the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League has always had neck guards mandatory.




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  1. It will be required in all league under the OHL. There’s no questioning where this is going.

    To the OHLers, life isn’t fair… suck it up. If you make it to the big leagues, you won’t need to wear it anymore…

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