Suspensions to Jonathan Roy YouTube New Hockey Celeberity

To any who has tuned into Canadian news, you will hear the headlines, Patrick Roy’s son involved in fight. Then you will see is horrible display of sportsmenship and beating of the goalie. For those who haven’t seen it, watch the clip below;

The league has issued the following suspensions to the players involved:

Jonathan Roy (playing for the Quebec Remparts) is suspended for 7 games and recieves a $500 fine for his actions. The goalie whom he attacked, Bobby Nadeau also recieved a $500 fine for his inapproriate gestures.

Maxime Lacroix recieves 3 games for hitting a player when he was down.

Marc-Oliver Vallerand is suspended 2 games for his involvement in the melea

Sébastien Rioux recieves 6 games for leaving the penalty box to join the melea.

Antoine Roussel is suspended for 1 game after being the instigator in a fight.

Charles-Antoine Messier is suspended for two games for an assulting penalty.

The implications of the event are a call for the removal of fighting from hockey. The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and its executives should be commended for the stiff suspensions handed down. The QMJHL also listed other suspensions that were handed down for incidents in other games. To see the complete press release visit the following link by clicking here.

Link URL:

The gamesheet can be viewed by clicking here.
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Patrick Roy (former NHL goalie) was also suspended five games for his involvement, both teams were fined $4,000 .

Interestingly enough the game is not available as part of the Telus webcast archives.


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