Making it!

Do you plan on making the NHL? It is good to see that you have aspirations in hockey, don’t let anybody deture you from your dreams. However, making the NHL is no easy task. In fact, it is proably one of the most gruelling and painful endevors an athelet can make. If you were to think about making the NHL as a triathalon, your minor hockey career would probaly account for about the part where you wade into the lake to begin your swimming. Players who were selected high in the OHL Priority Seleciton are off to a bit of a better start however, they are still within reach. If you have any hope of catching you will have to start training immediatly! Check yourself into the nearest gym and contact a professional to start a training regiment. Now, you are going to have to play your heart out. Play hard, shift in shift out. Finally and most imporantly make sure you have a good attitude. Some of those that were selected higher and are off at the beginnging of the pac could drop beacuse of a bad attitude.  For those of you at the front of the pac keep going, people are behind you trying to catch up, and believe me they will. Your attitude will hinder you in your progression to the next level.

If you fail to make the NHL remember you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did your best and couldn’t cut it. You will have no regrets.



  1. Excellent insights, I am sure those who are keen to get into the NHL are going to need all the help they can get

  2. Another great post. Dedication is the name of the game, focus, hardwork, determination. But you have to have the skills to, right?

    The Hockey Scribe

  3. Great insights.
    There’s no shortage of people out there willing to give negative opinions on a player’s performance. It’s important to keep in mind that nobody knows you and what you’re capable of as well as yourself. All too often the difference between the player that makes it and the one that doesn’t is work ethic… not just on the ice, but in terms of practice time. Work like a dog between games on one aspect of your game at a time until you’re comfortable that you’re above average. Eventually you’ll make yourself into a fine player!!

  4. the season never ends

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