Hockey Canada going to say NO to outlaws!

Hockey Canada has passed what many will say is the most aggressive policy in years. This policy is aimed at non-aligned “outlaw” hockey league. In the Action Bulletin released on July 5,2008 this bulletin send some jabs at these outlaw league. Canadian Hockey News believe that the three leagues in question are the CYO Polar Bears ( a member of the Canadian Parents Hockey Association), the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League ( a member of the National Junior Hockey Alliance), and WHA Junior Hockey League (also a member of the National Junior Hockey Alliance).

Hockey Canada points out that these leagues:

They profess to have a better program yet often operate without a constitution, by-laws, create their own rule book and do not provide adequate insurance for their participants. Further, they offer the lure of “Rep” or “Junior” level competition when this is clearly not the case.

In addition Hockey Canada provide clear and distinct guidelines for suspension, and ineligibility of people participating in these organization. Hockey Canada went even further to not allow municipalities/arenas who endorse/support these leagues to host National, Regional, or affiliated leagues’ championships, which includes the Canadian Hockey League (major junior).  Additionally, they will no longer sanction tournaments being held in arena/municipalities that support these organizations.For example, in the Greater Toronto Hockey League no teams will be permitted to use, or hold tournaments in Thornhill Community Center because the Toronto Canada Moose of the GMHL operates out of there.

It is clear that Hockey Canada wants nothing to do with these leagues, and dispises of their existence. Some question if these tactics are legal, others question based on who exactly is affected. Some also think that this will just go to drive more houseleagues to these outlaw leagues due to the lack of governance, what many at the houseleague level have called for.

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  1. What about this youth league in Burlington that is starting up?

  2. Sounds to me that Hockey Canada is afraid of the competion and believes they should have a monopoly on hockey in Canada.

  3. I find it ironic that Hockey Canada professes to want to develop these young kids and at the same time will “ban” the child from playing hockey if a child wants to play in “both” a private league and a Hockey Canada sanctioned league. I’m not sure exactly what their ultimate goal here is. Are they trying to develop hockey ? Clearly not. Are they trying to develop the players ? Clearly not. Are they trying to ascert their power over everything “hockey”. BINGO !

    This smacks of predatory monopolistic practises that should and ultimately will be challenged in court. And Hockey Canada wili lose. Picking on a little kid because they want to play hockey makes me want to vomit. Hockey Canada should be ashamed of themselves. Ditto for picking on an arena for allowing other leagues to rent ice time. I believe this to be illegal. A company attempting to do this would be in court so fast their heads would spin. And let’s not kid ourselves, Hockey Canada IS a business. It is NOT a government or social organization.


    Child tries out for REP hockey in their local Hockey Canada sanctioned centre.
    Child wants desperately to play for his/her local centre.
    Child does not make it in their local centre as there are simply too many good players to choose from. The local centre could probably put together several rep level teams but for some bizarre reason… doesn’t. Ultimately, they can only take X amount of kids.
    Child attempts to go elsewhere to tryout.
    Child is not allowed to tryout in other centre due to residency rules.
    Child is told they must play houseleague in local centre (where they will never, EVER develop) Let’s face it, 1 game a week and 1 practise per week playing non contact houseleague will NOT develop a hockey player. Hockey schools are “okay” but are no replacement for situational hockey and developement and anybody who thinks so is well… challenged.

    Child goes and tries out in other “centres” to see if they actually could have made a REP level team. Child gets accepted by 2 other centres at the ‘A’ level. Both teams desperately want to sign the child because he’s a good hockey player – better than anybody else on their ‘A’ level team.. Neither team in other centre cannot understand why the child was NOT chosen to play REP in their local centre. Even at the AE or A level. Hmm… politics maybe ? “Who” you know, not how good you are ? Hmmm…. Either way, due to the residency rules (the main reason why these Outlaw leagues exist), the child is stuck in the houseleague system for their local centre.

    What’s wrong with this picture ?

    Why doesn’t Hockey Canada clean up it’s act rather than picking on a bunch of little kids. What a bunch of bullies. They think they know better but they clearly do not.

    Hockey Canada. Stop this nonsense. You are embarrasing yourself. If you want to clear out your competition, do it fairly by offering a better product not bullying a 10 year old kid. Get rid of the politics/nepotism and “old boys network” you have going within your local centres. And if a kid wants to play hockey in a Hockey Canada sanctioned league and a private league, LET THEM PLAY !! Playing more hockey, not less hockey is what develops players. Crap guys, you do realize that many of these Outlaw leagues are “church” leagues, right ?

    Shame, shame, shame on Hockey Canada.

    • I agree whole heartedly. They take the 17 players from age 7 and that is the end for everyone else. The European hockey training model is way better. No games and mostly skils and 3on3. Everyone gets fair and equal training, and then the selection process comes at a more appropriate time and developed time

  4. I have a hard time understanding this rule of banding any arena or municipalities that supports this so called outlaw league. When does Hockey Canada determine on what or who a municipality arena rents their ice to
    Also how come Hockey Canada wants nothing to do with this outlaw leagae and their players but will except them in their Hockey Canada leagae like what happened in the N.OJ.H.L.
    Up here in Northern Ontario we have only 8 teams playing J.R. hockey , so after midget if any player isn’t good enough to make a J.R. team their hockey chance are over , not to mention all the imports from out side of canada up here playing hockey .So where does Hockey CANADA sit with the CANADIAN hockey supporting other countries kids replacing our kids who by the way have been part of Hockey Canada their whole hockey career.
    So as my point of veiw it is just another place or chance our young people can still our country”s game a little longer

  5. I think Kevin has made one of the most significant points yet. We live in the North/Eastern Ontario where AAA hockey is min 150 km away, and our district refuses to expand at least to a AA league for the approximately 2000 minors registered within it. So whether its for financial reasons, a young person will not be given the opportunity to develop to next level. In our area, there are very skilled players who could skate circles around the AAA kids, but because of geography and lack of Hockey Canada’s development in these areas, they’ve lost that opportunity. As well as, Junior scouts that can’t be bothered to look beyond the (“Pay to Play AAA leagues”) So now you have Midget aged kids that are looking for the alternative, because they know they’ve got what it takes, but have no where to showcase that.

    If Hockey Canada insists this is for the good of Canadian kids, then maybe they should revise their policies on imports within their own leagues. Seeing that these kids have never paid a penny towards any minor hockey association within Canada, or their parents having never volunteered for the good of minor hockey.
    I can say that my family has and continues to do so, even though my son has chosen and went through selections to play within the GMHL. So this is the only option available to him. The policy that Hockey Canada has taken towards options like the GMHL really don’t affect us one bit, because his only other option was to be done with hockey. So I think its time to look in the mirror and start making the improvements required or you will see these leagues flourish. Just my opinion.

  6. Is this a bulletin from the USSR Hockey league or Hockey Canada?
    “Wow” I thought living in a democracy was suppose to create competition,
    not prevent it…

  7. If the “outlaw leagues” treated everyone in a fair and safe manner, to make the league run in a professional manner, I don’t think Hockey canada would have had to come down so hard on them.
    We had a league out west that did not pay their bills on time, made their kids pay to play hockey, and last but not least had some un-ethical directors imbezeling league funds.
    Promises made to communities and players were not lived up to.
    All it turned out to be was a glorified Midget rep league, w/o the needed rules and regulations.

  8. Thank you to Hockey Canada for doing this!

  9. um.. “who” exactly is hockey canada to be coming down on anybody ? They act as if they are a quasi-government body when it suits them and a private business when it doesn’t. Private leagues are run just as well as hockey canada sanctioned centres. The problem is, was and always shall be HOCKEY CANADA. They have some of the goofiest rules i’ve ever seen.

  10. Hockey Canada for our 19 year old has been nothing but a discrace and Canada should be aware and embarresed by their actions or further actions they do take to black ball players. Some Ex profensional NHL coaches who coach Jr. hockey under hockey Canada sould also be ashamed of themselves and should step down and evauate who they are as real people.
    The biggest outlaw IS Hockey Canada.
    A couple friends and i went out to witness a couple different GMHL games and to be quite frank. The level of play not only better but superior to any OPJHL or CJHL hockey game i have seen… Period!
    There are players from all over the world here and its only a matter of time before more players from Canada come to play here too.
    Most of the Eurpean players there would shame most tier 2 jr A players in this provence.
    Hockey Canada is nothing more than affraid of the competition. If they wernt, they would ignore this issue completely and carry on business. They know the caliper of players this league is beginning to attract.

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