OPJHL Starting a Private School League?

Today on Network 54 the news dropped. Rumour has been around that Upper Canada College had purchased the Bancroft Hawks who has their membership revoked for allegations of mismanagement and embezzling money. Today it was confirmed! This makes Upper Canada College the third private school to enter the OPJHL the other two being most recently Villanova Knights and St. Michael’s Buzzers originally. Beginning in the 2008-2009 season Upper Canada Hockey Club will begin to operate. They will be holding training camp on July 26th and 27th as well as August 9th and 10th. One has to wonder what kind of talent is available to them after most (if not all teams) have had their tryout camps.

It assumed that the team will be operating out of the new arena constructed at Upper Canada College.The following pictures are of the proposed arena.

If you visit Upper Canada College’s website regarding the new arena you will find some rather interesting information. On the board of directors for the construction of the new arena is Harvey Shapiro. For those that don’t know Harvey Shapiro is the owner of the GTHL and OPJHL Toronto Jr. Canadiens. Interestingly enough if you try and visit the Toronto Jr. Canadiens website, it does not exist. Although there is NO rumour of the sale of the Toronto Jr Canadiens it sure seems a little interesting.

For more informaiton about the Upper Canada Jr. Hockye Club visit www.uppercanadahockeyclub.ca

For more informaiton about Upper Canada College visit www.ucc.on.ca



  1. Yes, Upper Canada Hockey Club (UCHC) is in fact entering the OPJHL and will play its inaugural season beginning September 2008. Although UCHC is supportive of the educational and athletic goals of UCC, it is not formally affiliated with the College. The mandate of UCHC is to provide a positive environment for young men to pursue their goals as student athletes with a focus on reaching their full potential as young hockey players. For further information on UCHC, please email generalmanager@uppercandahockeyclub.ca

  2. So by the UCHC mandate, Junior Hockey Fans don’t really figure in this plan.

    Just imagine if the NCAA Hockey programs operated on this basis. It wouldn’t be the successful program that we know it to be.

    Perhaps if School based teams had a marketing plan that encouraged fan support, this concept would get mine. As I read it here, it appears self-serving to a select few with no benefit to the OPJHL as a whole.

  3. Although the team will be playing out of the Upper Canada College arena and shares similar values with the school (excellence in academics and athletics) there is no formal affiliation with the school. The relationship with UCC would be comparable to the relationship that exists between the Buzzers and St. Michaels College , Villanova Knights and Villanova College , Hill Academy and the Aurora Tigers etc… As an independent organization, we are free to sign players regardless of where they attend school. This being said, we will continue to pursue a formal relationship with UCC to provide a wider continuum of hockey opportunities for its student athletes. We are confident that the UCC student body, and hockey enthusiasts in the various communities of central Toronto, will be interested in following their progress.

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