Hockey season ramp up!

A month and a half in and the season is if full swing. You probably have got into your game/practice routines. Hopefully, the season is going well for all. However, as the season ramps up, so does the pressure to perform. Remind yourself why you play hockey, is it for fun or to sign an NHL contract? If you find yourself in the latter of the two situations I suggest you seriously evaluate the plausibility of attaining an NHL contract.In light of that, it is important to dream and aspire to higher visions. However, parents, players, and coaches, if a player has a bad game it certainly isn’t the time to jump on them or yourself. I would suggest thinking about a plan of attack for the next game, take it one shift at a time. Certainly can see the result of constant pressure on a player. Take Canadian gold medalist Stephan Legein who earned himself a gold medal with Team Canada. He decided that hockey wasn’t for him presumably because of the pressure and is rumored to currently work at a pizza parlor in St. Catherines. Remember that you don’t want to be the pressure that causes yourself/someone to quit. Keep plugging away this season, you efforts will pay dividends at some point.


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  1. Thanks for the words of wisdom. All too often we lose sight of the fact that hockey started off as something that was fun for us. As something that was supposed to be fun becomes “just a job,” we can tend to consider other ways to spend our lives if they’re available to us.

    I’m sure many enjoy what they do, but makes you wonder if there there are many in the NHL that are doing it because there are VERY few jobs in this world where you can pull in $1,000,000+ in a year?

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