Fighting Does Cherry have it right?

Everybody says fighting needs to be taken out of the game, but to some degree I have to agree with Cherry. Hockey is an intense game filled with emotions, its a game filled with hard hitting, fast moving players, and up until recently the occasional fight. Not dissimilar to the real world fights happen. In talking with many officials, and some people who have been involved in the game for a long time many of them believe that there is a place in the game for fighting. However, the consensus amongst them is this, fighting should only happen at elite levels, and both combatants should be willing, when the officials jump in the fight is over. To some degree we have to agree that having a little bit of fighting in the games had a certain degree of ‘control’ in that you knew if you made a dirty play or ‘cheap shot’ there was going to be some sort of reparation to be paid. It kept guys under control as opposed to now, where dirty shots seem to be on the rise.

The questions becomes, is there a place for fighting in the game?


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  1. Don Cherry has become our national clown. Who even listen’s to him and takes him seriously anymore.?

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