Hockey Canada going to say NO to outlaws!

Hockey Canada has passed what many will say is the most aggressive policy in years. This policy is aimed at non-aligned “outlaw” hockey league. In the Action Bulletin released on July 5,2008 this bulletin send some jabs at these outlaw league. Canadian Hockey News believe that the three leagues in question are the CYO Polar Bears ( a member of the Canadian Parents Hockey Association), the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League ( a member of the National Junior Hockey Alliance), and WHA Junior Hockey League (also a member of the National Junior Hockey Alliance).

Hockey Canada points out that these leagues:

They profess to have a better program yet often operate without a constitution, by-laws, create their own rule book and do not provide adequate insurance for their participants. Further, they offer the lure of “Rep” or “Junior” level competition when this is clearly not the case.

In addition Hockey Canada provide clear and distinct guidelines for suspension, and ineligibility of people participating in these organization. Hockey Canada went even further to not allow municipalities/arenas who endorse/support these leagues to host National, Regional, or affiliated leagues’ championships, which includes the Canadian Hockey League (major junior).  Additionally, they will no longer sanction tournaments being held in arena/municipalities that support these organizations.For example, in the Greater Toronto Hockey League no teams will be permitted to use, or hold tournaments in Thornhill Community Center because the Toronto Canada Moose of the GMHL operates out of there.

It is clear that Hockey Canada wants nothing to do with these leagues, and dispises of their existence. Some question if these tactics are legal, others question based on who exactly is affected. Some also think that this will just go to drive more houseleagues to these outlaw leagues due to the lack of governance, what many at the houseleague level have called for.

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Making it!

Do you plan on making the NHL? It is good to see that you have aspirations in hockey, don’t let anybody deture you from your dreams. However, making the NHL is no easy task. In fact, it is proably one of the most gruelling and painful endevors an athelet can make. If you were to think about making the NHL as a triathalon, your minor hockey career would probaly account for about the part where you wade into the lake to begin your swimming. Players who were selected high in the OHL Priority Seleciton are off to a bit of a better start however, they are still within reach. If you have any hope of catching you will have to start training immediatly! Check yourself into the nearest gym and contact a professional to start a training regiment. Now, you are going to have to play your heart out. Play hard, shift in shift out. Finally and most imporantly make sure you have a good attitude. Some of those that were selected higher and are off at the beginnging of the pac could drop beacuse of a bad attitude.  For those of you at the front of the pac keep going, people are behind you trying to catch up, and believe me they will. Your attitude will hinder you in your progression to the next level.

If you fail to make the NHL remember you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did your best and couldn’t cut it. You will have no regrets.

84 Players are fighting for a chance to play for Team Ontario

The Hockey Development Center of Ontario, a agency of the Ontario government announced the 84 players who will be participating in the final selection camp.The camp will take place in Thunder Bay.

See who the players are(.pdf)

Don’t forget to enter!

Back by popular demand, the Pepsi®, Lay’s® and Gatorade® brands are giving Canadian hockey fans the opportunity for a chance to win the ultimate prize – the Stanley Cup™ delivered to their home for a NHL playoff party by six-time Stanley Cup champion, Mark Messier!

To enter the Bring Home the Stanley Cup contest, fans must submit a video that shows their NHL Playoff viewing rituals. One passionate Canadian hockey fan will win:

  • The Ultimate Hockey Playoff Party for him/her and 19 of his/her closest friends/family with Pepsi and Gatorade refreshments and Lay’s snacks.
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  • Selected captions of the party will be broadcast during this years Stanley Cup Playoffs on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada during the week of June 8.

To enter the Bring Home the Stanley Cup contest, Canadian hockey fans can go to from March 23 to April 30, 2008, where they must submit a video of their NHL Playoff viewing rituals and complete the online entry form.

Cost of Doing Business

Many of you probably already know. But other may just be entering into the hockey realm and realizing that to be successful in the sport you need a heck of a lot of money. There are rumours that some minor midget coaches could be making upward of $150,000. This probably represents one of the higher paid coaches, however it marks a fundamental shift in the minor hockey structure. Minor hockey coaching as been mainly volunteer work for the most part. Now coaches are getting paid, some even receiving bonuses based on their (team’s) performance. While this may not seem like a problem for most, look at it from the view of league administrators. Games are now beginning to mean more and more. One game could very well determine if the coach is paid and additional $20,000. Parents now see their child and an investment, hoping that investing the large amount of money will pay off in an NHL (professional) contract. Referees are now dealing with more hostel coaches who blame the referees for their lack of performance, and ultimately possible taking money out of their pockets. This all has to end. Hockey is a game, not a business, the money that is flooding the sport/game is starting to make it less and less enjoyable. Parents now guarentee their child’s junior career by buying a team for them. What a shame a sport that has become a business venture. For those parents that are worried about their child getting an education out of the game, save up the $3,000 or more a year and you’ll have enough for your child’s education.

OHF Approved Regulation Changes

The Ontario Hockey Federation approved changes to their regulations. The areas affected were players transfers, development fees, tampering, and AAA waivers. The two most drastic changes were in the development fees structuring. It seems the OHF is attempting to encourage the growth of its Midget AAA and making the transition more smooth. The OHF also increased fines for tampering in an attempt to curb the practice. Fine increase from $500 to $2000 and it will now be payed by the club, who will then presumably collect from the team.

To read more about the changes visit the OHF website:

OHL Cup Schedule Announced!

2008 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament Schedule

Wednesday March 19
Rink 1
1:45 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. Halton Hurricanes
3:30 pm HNO Kings vs. Toronto Nationals
5:15 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. Peterborough Petes
7:15 pm Toronto Red Wings vs. North Central Predators
9:00 pm Elgin Middlesex Chiefs vs. Mississauga Senators

Rink 2
1:15 pm York Simcoe Express vs. Toronto Red Wings
3:00 pm Mississauga Senators vs. Ottawa Senators
4:45 pm Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs vs. Markham Majors
6:30 pm Brantford 99’ers vs. Rochester Americans
8:30 pm NOHA All-Stars vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens

Thursday March 20
Rink 1
9:00 am TPH Thunder vs. Toronto Marlboros
10:45 am NOHA All-Stars vs. Halton Hurricanes
12:30 pm Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs vs. Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
2:15 pm Rochester Americans vs. North Central Predators
4:00 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. Detroit Belle Tire
5:45 pm Markham Majors vs. Mississauga Senators
7:30 pm Elgin Middlesex Chiefs vs. Ottawa Senators
9:15 pm Rochester Americans vs. Toronto Red Wings

Rink 2
8:30 am Detroit Belle Tire vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s
10:15 am Ottawa Senators vs. Markham Majors
12:00 pm Toronto Nationals vs. Peterborough Petes
1:45 pm Brantford 99’ers vs. York Simcoe Express
3:30 pm TPH Thunder vs. HNO Kings
5:15 pm Halton Hurricanes vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s
7:00 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. Toronto Nationals
8:45 pm North Central Predators vs. Brantford 99’ers

Friday March 21
Rink 1
9:00 am Detroit Belle Tire vs. NOHA All-Stars
10:45 am Peterborough Petes vs. TPH Thunder
12:30 pm Ottawa Senators vs. Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
2:15 pm Toronto Red Wings vs. Brantford 99’ers

Rink 2
9:30 am HNO Kings vs. Toronto Marlboros
11:15 am Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens
1:00 pm York Simcoe Express vs. Rochester Americans
2:45 pm Markham Majors vs. Elgin Middlesex Chiefs

Saturday March 22
Rink 1
10:00 am Peterborough Petes vs. HNO Kings
11:45 am North Central Predators vs. York Simcoe Express
1:30 pm Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. NOHA All-Stars
5:30 pm Quarter Final 2 – 1ST PLACE DIV vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 3
7:30 pm Quarter Final 4 – 1ST PLACE DIV 1 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 4

Rink 2
9:30 am Toronto Nationals vs. TPH Thunder
11:15 am Mississauga Senators vs. Greater Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
1:00 pm Halton Hurricanes vs. Detroit Belle Tire
5:00 pm Quarter Final 1 – 1ST PLACE DIV 3 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 2
7:00 pm Quarter Final 3 – 1ST PLACE DIV 4 vs. 2ND PLACE DIV 1

Sunday March 23
Rink 1
9:00 am Winner Quarter Final 1 vs. Winner Quarter Final 2
5:00 pm Championship Game

Rink 2
9:30 am Winner Quarter Final 3 vs. Winner Quarter Final 4